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[AION] Sapphire Rose

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Nice :D Tyvm

Should we expect more upcoming weapons?


Well this was my very first time doing any sort of modding so what you see actually took me a long time to figure out. I'll take a look at what other weapons have already been ported over for Skyrim and see what else I can contribute, but I make no promises on when to expect new things at this time.

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i've no-lifed aion to the end of this world. the Siel's Dominant weapons and klawnickt/turatu crafted shields are pretty cool (the ACTUAL names of the weapons and shields in the mod). Think I could coax you to add in some other gear as well? in particular some of the dragon deity weapons


(links are to weapons with the same skin but with pictures for scale reference)

dragon deity general's warhammer


similar looks to the mace of molag bal.


dragon deity general's zweihander



it really just looks terrifying.


saendukal's anger

http://www.aiondatabase.com/item/100900153/saendukal%27s-anger saendukal's anger.

broadsword made of lava. whats not to like?



I'd request a lot of armors, but most of aion's armors don't fit in with skyrim in the slightest. I personally fancy the asmodian 50e plate armor, but I feel like aion's armor is too flat (2D objects curved to look 3D)

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I have an archive of a bunch of Aion models (with all textures) in .obj format, but I always had bad luck getting them into Oblivion. Usually they showed up as solid black in the inv screen and normal (but without a working bumpmap) in the world screen. Plus when I dropped them they always fell through the ground.


I'd love to see the Azphen sword working properly in Skyrim. The face on the hilt looks like how I'd imagine Magnus looks.

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