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Skyrim Wasteland Overhaul reuploaded

Guest Vendayn

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Guest Vendayn

Without the drama from other thread...which I will just ignore from now on. Other thread can be deleted. Sorry about that.


My mod. :)




For those looking for things along the lines of lore...


First off. When NPCs go "BRRR SO COLD!"...just think you are on a tropical island..and then go back to reality and you find it is a cold, harsh wasteland. There, the wasteland of Skyrim is still really cold. :P Just because it is a wasteland, doesn't mean it is hot.


Next...if you are wanting a reason the land is torn asunder. Well for one...war destroys and changes land...second...maybe the effects of Morrowind have affected Skyrim too. Lots of lore possibilities. :)


now for the mod itself...


NOT ALL AREAS ARE CHANGED, or if they are, it is smaller changes. I WANTED EAST SKYRIM TO BE MOST CHANGED, and the further west gets LESS changes. It does not change 100% of everything. IT IS NOT MEANT TO BE. East skyrim is very close to Morrowind, so gets most changes.


I have changed land textures (not all may be apparent). I have changed a lot of the trees/foliage (but not all). And of course the ENB adds a lot to the effect. I also made personal changes to the night sky.


Really, a lot of this is lighting changes and texture changes for now. However, it makes such a huge change...makes it almost horror like. It feels really creepy going through Skyrim now. Especially with the above weather code always on.


With that said...I want this to be more than just a texture overhaul with a custom ENB. So, later...at some point in time...because I like to play Skyrim and my life is rather busy right now so my modding is a bit random. I will be adding different effects from Dragonborn, adding ruins in various places to give it that wasteland look and make a huge city of ruins with nasty stuff in it and a big reward. No quests though...I suck at that. And I prefer voice acted quests, and I am not able to spend that much time with that.


But, my goal is to add a lot of destruction to the world...in part, to show the war of imperials vs stormcloaks vs thalmor has taken a huge hit to the land. That, and the effects of Morrowind itself going into Skyrim. I will however not be changing any cities (I like them how they are, but I use open cities mod)...I may change/add to towns though.


And I am going to try and keep it as close to Elder Scrolls as I can...but I am sure it will be similar to Fallout in ways :P


Anyway, with all that said...don't think anything else to add. Hope you all enjoy. :)

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What "evidence" would Prod80 need to manufacture? Your first upload still had his name and mod link in the ini file! When it was pointed out to you all you did was delete those lines and reupload it.


Also, that whole statement about multiple enb's working together? They don't. A preset is a preset. What you are doing is similar to repainting  the Mona Lisa as a watercolor and then claiming its the same thing as the original.


People like you are why we can't have nice things.

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Guest Vendayn

You can have multiple ENBs working together, different effects/files from different ENBs.


And I never used his files, I used my own. I downloaded ENB (fresh copy), copied my own settings I did (didn't use his) and put them in there. I didn't use any of his. Granted, his version is just a watercolor of other ENBs as well with some additional flashy things...like all ENBs...but that is just picking straws there. All ENBs are like the Mona Lisa...then changing things...in any case, I still used a fresh copy and only used my own personal settings. Actually, most things are just a repaint of something before it.


And his name was actually in the credits (and I actually put it somewhere else by accident (only did that once as far as I know) when I was typing the code by my fail fat fingers, so that is probably where all that comes from. Now that is a huge mistake heh.), in the version I uploaded. And I linked to serenity as a nice gesture up on top of the file since that was my favorite ENB...wasn't that nice I guess so I removed it. But I never copied his settings, I used my own or whatever came with ENB and the preset settings of the other files.


Now what is not mine is that sweetfx file. Well I tweaked it just slightly but that doesn't count. I actually paid someone 25 dollars (I know lol, but good for him. He is a real life friend though) to design the sweetfx I used. And I actually noticed I didn't credit him earlier, so I'll have to ask what he wants to go by since he said he didn't want his name in the credits. Probably should have asked if he wanted a "code" name.


(edit: And that doesn't even go into him actually downloading it and using some of my files for his own. Which he did. Could have fought Nexus about it, but I decided to just use an anon browser and do what I should have done and what I was doing for a while, kept my mouth shut and not waste time arguing about it. I have better things to worry about. I just now download off nexus and nothing else. Didn't need to argue with him about using different enb files and changing his settings to get him pissed at me for changing his creation.


Anyway...thats my side of the story. So...not really any point in arguing or for me to discuss it further.)

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