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Estrus stuck in loop.


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Hi everyone.


I recently updated the framework from 1.39 to 1.57 by doing it all from scratch - wasn't a simple matter to just update straight to. Anyway, now for some reason Estrus is giving me issues and I'd like to get it working again. It worked fine (mostly) on 1.39, and I haven't added any new mods or done anything really different with the 1.57.


the first issue I had was that the opening animation use to flicker and restart over and over when initiated, but eventually get going after a while, and all would play out. weaker graphics card perhaps?


Now the issue is a bit more serious. It still does the flicker and restart, but now it gets stuck on a loop of stage 4 animation despite what timer I set it to advance to stage 6. I've updated fnis over and over trying both "skeleton arm fix", and "gender specific animations" both on and off. I'm sure load order is apples, but maybe someone can see something I can't.





Schlongs of skyrim - core.esm



Sexlab Defeat.esp


SexLabNudeCreaturesDG.esp (unchecked)

Schlongs of skyrim.esp

SOS - vectorplexus muscular addon.esp (also unchecked)




Is 1.57 known to be buggy like this? Is there any other info I can try and give? No expert but I'll try.


Cheers in advance

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Estrus doesn't tie into SL at all. So the change from 1.39 to 1.57 shouldn't have any effect whatsoever on Estrus.

So chances are it's just the Estrus scripts being the estrus scripts. I've had the same issues when I used to use it. 


Estrus Chaurus and EC+ tie in, but they're entirely separate mods and just load the animations alone, they don't even need the Estrus esp to be active just the animations installed.

... but you didn't say you have those.


Honestly no one can say your load order is okay when you don't post your entire load order, or even see if anything else is conflicting.

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Hi, if you still have this bug, i've discovered a temporarily fix. First start the animation, and when it got stuck in a loop open the console (that you use for codes) and click a few times on pc or npc (then close the console obviously). Works for me but you must repeat it every time. I've moved the esp to the top but i don't know if it changes something. Sorry for bad english :P .

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