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Anim 124: Extra "body" model

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Have this weird issue that only happens with Stage 0 of Anim 124. The animation works fine, except this extra "blank mannequin" body gets created. It doesn't move, it just...floats there. Once the animation goes to Stage 1, the body disappears.


I'll upload a picture once I get the opportunity, but doesn't anyone know what could be the cause of this?

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124 used to be an experimental animation where there is a one dummy npc and 2 others doing it. I think that white dummy is a left over from loversObjectAnim.esp you need to check what nif file it is. Should be 1 of the 8 124_defmotion or offmotion, check the file size and replace it with another renamed dummy file. should be either 124_Defmotionx0x1 or something similar.


Also check the file size, if it is any larger then 1kb then that could be the culprit. 1kb is dummy nif.

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