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Creature and NPC alignment issue

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Hey guys,


Could anyone tell me if there's a way to adjust positions during scenes where player is not involved, for example scenes between a female npc and a falmer.


I've tried the hotkeys and the "N" buttom but nothing happens.


Thanks in advance. :)

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As far as I know, all tweaked animations are saved on a profile.  If you fix the animation for a race combo, like orc male bosmer female for instance... that orc male and bosmer female animation should be fixed (don't forget to hold the left Ctrl button while adjusting or it won't save).  If you want... You can start a side game where the character just boffs different people and races changing your own race and fixing the animations (if you don't have the Precache killer here it is http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/33526/? it's vital to changing race and gender mid stream).  This is a time consuming process trust me I know. If you save the game that data should be shared by all of your games via the profile.  What I'm looking for is someone who has gone through all the time consuming efforts to perfect the animations and is willing to share that profile on line. hint hint.  If anyone knows of such a master work of art profile, I won't be the only one who would be very "excited" by such a crafting.  I mean really.  I spend more time adjusting the animations than I do enjoying them.  It really sucks when you've had to do a complete re-install more than once because of poor choice in mods and inexperience.  I had one profile where I had perfected all of the animations for male Imperial and Breton female characters Wolf and Breton female (don't ask) and Even fixed the horrible notorious big spider WAYYY off animation for Breton Female anyway... Lost it all.  If there is a mod or anything I would love to see it.  Please I'm begging. I just want to sit back and enjoy this mod...

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I do share the feeling, mate. Like you I've tried to fix the alignment issue animation by animation and race by race, but it didn't work so well and accidental CTDs completely crushed my will to continue ...


However regarding the pb I posted here, I found out that it only happens to my custom NPCs whose scales have been modified, otherwise it works like magic :)


Therefore I'll mark this one as solved, thanks for replying !

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