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HDT Physics Objects Gaining and Losing Physics?


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So this is one of the weirder things I've encountered. 


This is the scenario:

Load up HDT Glass Magician Robe - it always physics, even on reload.

Load up, in addition to the Glass Magician Robe, Fur Armor with HDT (it seems to be gaining and losing physics, see explanation below). 


Now, if I load up the game with the Glass Magician Robe equipped, when I equip the Fur Armor, it has HDT Physics.  However, even if I save the game where I'm sure HDT is working for the Fur Armor and reload the game with the Fur Armor still equipped, it somehow loses HDT physics.  Meanwhile, the HDT physics for the Glass Magician Robe continues to function properly (and continues to have HDT physics even if I reload the Glass Magician Robe still equipped).  Anyone have any explanation for this?  It's really strange that the armor seems to somehow be turning HDT Physics on and off.


edit: So if I drop the HDT Havok Object and spawn a new one in my inventory, equipping it gives the Fur Armor physics.  This seems like it may be a HDT Havok Object bug... hm...


edit 2 : So I fixed the HDT Havok Object after fiddling with the Creation Kit.  I'll post it in a bit.  Seems to be an issue with where the HDT Havok Object is being equipped.

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