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UNPB armor mod package- converting it to support pregnancy

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 Hello there!

I've recently started my small project, i want to "convert most of armors and clothes from unp replacer package http://www.nexusmods...im/mods/20884/? so they can support pregnancy. Let's say that i know the ropes becouse of one great tutorial and i sucesfully converted wench outfit and elven cuirass but i encountered a weird problem this night with studded armor



Basically, black spots on armor, as if textures were missing.

I recon that it might be repairable in nifskope but i don't know what to do in it, im a bit new.

For those interested im sending the file with that armor( for some strange reason in files its hide armor but in game its labelled as studded, strange times strange armors...).

Thanks for all the responses in advance!



Ps. Here is id of this armor so you can check it out without forging it/buying it 0001B3A2



I forgot to mention that these armors after conversions seem to have hdt psychics attached to them after converting, like butt n breast bounce and some parts of armor seem to respond to it too (elven belt). Ill attach wench outfit and elven armor files to this post, they seem to work nicely, at least for me. 



Since I've got no responses in adult mods section i'll just try here.

Elven n wench.rar

Studded armor.rar

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