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Strange walking glitch


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I've got a very weird glitch suddenly popped out of nowhere. Any character using the 360 VHH walk that comes with the UNPB Redux installer now walks with a distinct lean to the left, like they're pissed. I've been using this mod since it was released without a single problem til now.


 I've tried deleting it, ran FNIS, reinstalled FNIS, downgraded it to 5.01, removed all of my personal animation files completely. The weirdest thing is that despite doing all of that and then trying to use just VHH on it's own, it fixes the left lean but I seem to be getting the correct walk when behind the character, and the old chicken bobbing head version when the camera's in front or to the side!


This sort of thing really gets to me. The only change I've made recently is trying out the latest FNIS and his new SexyMove mod. There's no trace of either of their files when I try to get this fixed, I didn't even make a save when they were installed so it's not like they're baked in. 


I'm at a loss. Any ideas guys?



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Hmm, I've kind of fixed it by removing my female animations collection folder from MO. What's puzzling me is that none of the files in it cover walking, they're all bow and sword combat anims. Weirder still, I also have Mystic Knight installed, that's also just combat anims but it doesn't cause the problem like my own collection does. 


Curiouser and curiouser.

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That is interesting. What type of skeleton replacer (if any) are you using and how many animation mods are you using. I suspect two or more mods might have shared a similar filepath and FNIS attempted to combine them into a single animation. Have you checked the KnownCustomBehaviors.txt and the PatchList.txt in the tools section of FNIS and see if there are any traces of animation mods you no longer have installed? It should be in the generate FNIS for users file.

I had a similar issue when i removed some animation mods a while ago and all of the NPC's idol animations went missing, every dragur and ash-spawn was standing upright, and i couldn't ride dragons anymore. I ended up removing all of my animation mods, completely erasing FNIS, and re-installing each one at a time to get it worked out.  

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Yeah that's exactly the sort of effect I was seeing, two different walk animations combined, one for the back camera and the other for front facing and side views - and that's after removing SexyMotion and re-running the patch. I'm using the xp32 extended skeleton which was picked up fine by the patcher every time. 


All I know is this whole leaning to the left jittery walk thing started when I installed the latest FNIS and Fore's SexyMotion mod, so there's something about the changes that have been made to the patcher that's screwed with an animation setup that I've been running since before I migrated to MO, it's been working perfectly fine for a year or more. But the canned response on the Nexus page always seems to be to imply you're running a cracked game, something Fore seems to be quite obsessed about. Can't be arsed.


In the end I gutted all anims and started again. I noticed that the log shows FNIS looking at files named 'hkx.mohidden', whether it's attempting to use those files anyway I don't know, but it does seem odd that the problem continued until I completely nuked any VHH files rather than just hiding them. Weirder still, reinstalling VHH worked fine. 


All very spooky, especially to a technophobe like me. 


edit: what also makes me think it's that combo of new FNIS and the SexyMotion parts incorporated into it is that the mod doesn't cover 360 walk and run yet, and the jittery walk and lean to left bug only occurs when viewing from the front facing camera. What I noticed during my many tests is that if I didn't patch more than once after installing SM then it got on okay with my 360 vhh files, but if I ran the patch a second time, it's glitch central. 

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