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Mod Organizer and FNV compatible?


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Does anyone here have any experience with how to get Fallout NV to work with MO?


I got it to recognice the game and install mods, but i only get errors from the 4gb Patch, the ENB, iHud, uHud, NVSE, MCM you name it...


is MO even compatible with FNV yet? or do i have to go back to NMM?


Edit: The ENB and Nvse an so on i installed manually per instructions. But the problem seems to be that these mods dosen't wanna be started propperly through MO.

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You should really be asking the MO author these questions for a definitive answer but I can tell you that a lot of the ones you list cannot be installed by any mod manager, they must be installed manually, any ENB, 4GB patch, NVSE must be installed manually per their instructions. ihud, uhud i thought could be installed by MO but not sure. From the mods page "Supports Oblivion, Fallout 3, Fallout NV and Skyrim" so looks like it is supported but I am sure there will be some mods that don't work right with it.

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