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I've searched the forum and tried to study the process of applying mods for skyrim, but one thing keeps bugging me (among many others). Can I have two meshes for one character: bouncy for flexible clothing(normal clothes, soft leather etc..) and non-bouncy for rigid armor(glass, metal...)?

This is my first post. My girlfiend has MS and I have been taking care of her day and night for 2 years in a row. I'm getting three weeks of quality  time alone next august and I'm planning to spend 90% of it indoors. :D

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You often see this with a lot of skimpy armor replacers. When you're wearing an armor piece or piece of clothing, the "bounciness" is dependent on the armor/clothing mesh, and not on your body mesh. So, some authors only enable BBP for some of the armors and don't have it enabled for others.

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