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Preventing PushActorAway?

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Hey all,

I wanted to know if there is any way to prevent the PushActorAway function from working on the Player Character?  I'm trying to make a spell with limited duration that prevents Knockdown effects on the player.

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Take a look at the Tower Of Strength Perk in the CK. Should give you the base you need to get going.


Modding stagger doesn't affect PushActorAway effects in any way as far as I can tell.  Tried that already in the spell I've been testing.


I also tried modifying PushForce to 0 but that just causes you to crumple to the ground (effectively ragdolling you at a point of origin instead of flying away when hit by the PushActorAway effect).

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I would wonder if PushForce and PushActorAway can have values greater then 100% ? If so this is why I also would have seen Deathlord Fus push away a 100% reduction character.


PushForce isn't % based, it's just measuring magnitude.  Negative PushForce pulls an object towards the point of origin, Positive pushes it away.  0 just makes the character ragdoll to the ground.  In all cases, being affected by PushForce or PushActorAway at all causes the player to ragdoll.  I believe 60 +/- PushForce is about the point at which you start having major problems with launching characters to the moon. 5, 10, and 15 are the most commonly used PushForce levels, indicating weak, medium, and strong, seemingly.  I've never actually seen a negative PushForce value except in mods.


Still, knowing all of this doesn't really help figuring out how to interrupt these script-based effects from occurring on the Player Character.

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