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looking for some particular mods ...


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Hi all


I am looking for some particular mods, which probably exist, at least in some parts here and there but I am just unable to find them, not a heavy modder here so I may be using wrong searches etc. So hopefully someone can point me in the right direction, or perhaps the more advanced modders can let me know that such mods do not exist or are not made or not possible, or they do not know of any either, so thanks in advance for the info.


I use SKSE, FNIS, CBBE and an appropriate physics and animation packs. I would like to stay away from UNP or any other major components that would conflict with what I have. 


Basically, I would like to get light armor and cloth nude mods, so that I can have my characters and followers running around naked or very close to it, but still get the benefit of enchantments and some armors. 


I have tried several bikini and "lacey panties for CBBE" mods, but they do not fit well on different size bodies, so I end up with slim or skinny build toons with B or C cup boobs, wearing for example DD size bras .... Its not horrible, but I think there has to be better somewhere. Not sure if there is a simple way to make all these fit together nicely, again, I am not a modder so if I have to edit animations or textures, that's pretty much above me.


Also, I found a lack of craftable or within game purchasable really skimpy bras (tops). The available mods I have aren't so skimpy, except the lacey panties. 


I looked at the whole "devious" series and few other things, but they have some stringent requirements and require many other mods to function.


So just those 3 things, "invisible" armor / clothing, and something really simplified without too many dependancies that would not cause mod conflicts and make various items fit better.


So if anyone could provide some direct links, I'd appreciate it.






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