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Skyrim exterior modding: Problem with static mesh and collision

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I'm just starting out at modding a new worldspace (i guess it can be an interior), but I;m having an issue with collision not working with a static mesh. It's a simple mesh that is a walkway in a canal-like structure.


In-game, the player can walk through/fall through the mesh in the world, even though I have a collision mesh defined for my nif. (see first pic - I hit F4 to show the collision mesh).


I think I did the collision part right (I used nifutils chunkmerge tool).  What am I missing to get the player to be able to walk on top of this mesh? Totally stumped.. :/ I've looked at other mods to see how it's done, and I can't figure out what I'm missing...


In Creation Kit:



In Nifskope:


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This might sound incredibly bizarre, but

Try shooting arrows at your mesh..... from the bottom.


Collision isn't always set on both sides, so it's entirely possible that, faces were flipped around on your collision mesh when it exported, things like that.


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