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El Pollo Diablo Spell (I got really bored)

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File Name: El Pollo Diablo Spell (I got really bored)

File Submitter: DDproductions83

File Submitted: 26 May 2014

File Category: Weapons & Spells


Demo Video

Adds a spell tome in Belethor's General Goods, that sneaky bastard was holding out on you!

Spell summons a chicken from hell who casts 10 random spells with a 50% chance on firestorm. Lasts 60 seconds. Afterwords the spell is removed from the player for 5 minutes and re-appears after that time period (I was lazy)

The chicken will only start going crazy if the player was in combat on summon or if it gets into combat via normal aggro.

The chicken cannot initiate combat with non hostiles.

The chicken will NOT hurt non-hostiles (As far as I can tell)

The chicken cannot zone through doors

The chicken CAN zone through auto-load doors, which will just bug out the camera until the spell wears off

The player character is basically just invisible and invulnerable during and constantly translating to the chicken at mach 3 so exterior zones will load fine

The chicken controls like a chicken, it seems to have no reverse so.. yolo?


Click here to download this file

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Umm spells can be used to merely trigger scripts




I mean see below, meteor shower spell I have for my Discworld mod


And ya it's only fun for all of 10 min, but that's ok, it took all of like 1 hour to do and 50 min of that was trying to get the camera to work right behind the chicken in vanilla skyrim :)




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This looks amazingly fun for all of about 10 minutes, but is interesting none the less. Did not think that spells could be made to do this.


You, have obviously never before witnessed the power of cock-tech :P


from what I gather this is an extension of cock-tech's possession script - which is seeing ample use in discworld thus far.



mostly stopping by here to tell D to give me a call though, cause I need to write more cock-tech (I can't leave this bastard alone after seeing that).

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