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Little Issue

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I installed the latest sexlab and the latest SKSE, my game is also the newest version. I keep getting the same error message at start up with SKSE 1.6 and 1.6 "Outdated or missing Skyrim script extender (SKSE) install detected.This version of sexlab requires SKSE version 1.70 or newer to be properly installed and running. Ensure that you have installed the proper version and are starting the game from the skse_loader.exe file. The MCM menu and dialogue shows up but the animations do not play. Also i am getting an error message from Prison overhaul saying that the sexlab version i have is not tested with it, use at own risk.


Please help me

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Ok I updated to 1.70, no more message. Issue is the NPC keeps walking away from me and i never get to have sex. I have not a cue what the issue is, my game even went total black screen when i got arrested and was on my way to jail in Whiterun (rather Slaverun as i used that mod)

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