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Hi, I am new here and dont know anything in modding so I wanna ask what mods are important and what are needed to looks like this.

I want the same body form and a similar face (not the standard skyrim char). I think she is a bit smaller, and femininer than the standard Skyrim char. Also the resolution is much better and i heard that with a mod you can chance the interface so it looks different. There are more details for adjustments like height, breast and so on.

So a list what i needed:

-better item interface

-better character creation Interface

-better resolution (face and body)

-more feminine character body

-make the char smaller

-more hairs, eyes, mouths, ears, noses, and so on

-body tattoo or else

-gestures, poses

-useful mods

but I am a newbie and dont know all mods i needed

So can someone help me and tell me or link all needed mods plz?

If its important i have skyrim the legendary edition

Sry for my english but iam not a native speaker.




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ok thanks but which mod does i need first to get this char?


I have installed Nexus Mod Manager, SKSE and that SkyUI for better Item Interface.


Which next?


Does i need the unofficial patches?


Heard of CBBE, TBBE,  BBE, ENB, Skeleton but what does i need?





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ok i did this and it worked but first the hands didnt match to the arm there is a gap between when i change her to thin?


And how does i get more option to change height, hips breasts and so on?


Do you know compatible and more details for face, hairs?


thx for helping me



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