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[Request] Original Outfit


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I'm requesting any brilliant modder, who might share my same intrest, that decides to make this outfit for me, would be great.. 

I'm sure a lot of people would agree.


Now, as you see, the arms look a bit dwemer in design, so that part shouldn't be TOO difficult, I hope.

Specifically however, I would like the straps and collar, with the little medallion in the middle.

Including the dress part is COMPLETELY optional, I'd like it, but I know dresses can be quite difficult.

The Bow would be nice though.


As for the type of body, preferably UNP, UNP Skinny, UNPB, SevenBase.

Any of those.

Ignore my profile, don't want it to be loli.


If no one is willing to take on this request, then would anyone mind pointing toward some decent programs that will let me do it myself?

Though if I do it myself, I probably won't release it public.


Thanks in advance.


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