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Empty data folder

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While trying to fix a mod error something wiped out the contents of Skyrim's data folder.

Has anyone seen this before?


I would post a load order but as of right now I don't have one.



Yes my typing is bad.



I found the data, but I am not sure what happened.

I ran LOOT it had a few errors, went to rebuild the patch it was complaing about that patch found no data.

So I am unsure how this hapened but the data folder was moved into a DirectX10 folder and a new empty one was created, along with a folder named New Folder.

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I got this resolved, but I still have no idea how it happened.


The data folder was moved into another folder, and set to read only.

After removing the read only flag I had to move it to the Desktop and then back to the correct place as it would not move up one folder for some reason.

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