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Locks & Containers immersion suggestion

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Sooo... just a quick thing I wanted to share with all of you.  This is not a "what mod is this?" post, but rather a "this mod is."


I just found these recently and since I've noticed many of you, like myself, seek the most immersive experience possible.  I just wanted to let you know

I found these two great mods that seem to really groove well with my multitude of SL plugins and just make things harder and more immersive for me and I thought you all might be interested.  Plus, you're pretty much the only people I have to share this kind of thing with.


And! They are No More Psychic Lock Knowledge and No Empty Tag on Empty Containers.


They pretty much do what they say in their title.  Can't see the level of a lock when looking at a locked container/door/etc - and well... no empty tag on empty containers.  Not sure how to say it more plainly than that.


(no I don't get kick backs nor am I in any way affiliated with the mod creators, the creation of the mod, or anything other than just using it - found independently).


If there's a thread for these kinds of suggestions elsewhere, please kindly point me in the right direction and I will put my recommendations there.  Promise!


Have fun schtorming the castle!

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