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Projectiles going through enemies at mid/long range?

Guest Omega1084

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Guest Omega1084

I'm playing a sneaky archer type and whenever I try to hit something with an arrow at long range it goes right through whatever I'm shooting and quite honestly it's getting really fucking[excuse me] annoying.


I tested this outside of Signus Septimus' outpost with the Horkers and they definitely notice the arrows hit things behind and around them because they wiggle about in a panic. I slowed time down and followed my arrows, bolts and spells with TFC and doing so made them hit the targets somehow. When I deactivated it and started shooting again they began to go through enemies. I know it's not me missing, I've done extensive testing on this so what is it?

Does anyone have any way to fix it or is my sneaky archer fucked? :/


Edit: I have Proper Aiming installed and this in my Skyrim.ini:


Nevermind, someone gave me this:


And it fixed it. Leaving this here for anyone that may need it, though~ ^_^
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