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File Name: PB Photo Studio

File Submitter: Schmendrick

File Submitted: 19 May 2014

File Category: Other

Requires: OBSE


PirataBonifacio's Photo Studio v. 1.0
by PirataBonifacio, aka Shmendrick

This is a portable photo studio with customizable background color,
ambient light color and directional color; Useful to take vanity pics.

+ OBSE, latest version

+ It is recommended to use a mod managing tool like Wrye Bash, Oblivion Mod Manager or Nexus Mod Manager
+ For manual installation, drop package content in your Oblivion\Data folder
+ Activate PBPhotoStudio.esp

+ Use mod managing tool or remove manually the mods files:
+ Data\PBPhotoStudio.esp
+ Data\Textures\Menus\Icons\PBPhotoStudio\PBPhotoStudio.dds

+ You will recieve a miscellaneous item named "Photo Studio", click on it as if you where to equip it
and you'll be teleported to the studio.
+ Use it again inside to see studio menu.
+ Use "Leave studio" option to be teleported back to your original location.
+ You can fast travel from the studio.

+ When using ENB, sun glare may appear inside the studio. To avoid this, enter the studio
when not facing to the sun.
+ Please report any issue in the Nexus page, or in LoversLab.

+ Use this mod and any of its components as you will, but give credit to its original author... that is me.


Click here to download this file

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