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REQ: Full set of HDT files


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after i needed to reinstall skyrim i just fought for 2 days to find a set of configfiles, and a skeleton that work together to get nice jiggle with collision detection. Many people here offer a nice setup of files but quite often it's totally unclear with witch set up the config will work correctly and my results vary from simple CTD, no jiggle at all or stupidly huge jiggle with the tits flying to the sky if i draw my sword. After checking the config files i came to the result that you guys work with totally different x-y-z scales and skeletons.


So can someone help me out with a setup for HDT 14.28:


Target should be ..

*) nice jiggle for breast and ass (not to extreme.)

*) belly zone for "penetration"

*) collision detection for hands and man parts. (That didn't kick the tities to the sky and there the hand collsion detection area isn't 10 times the real size of the hand.)

*) Pony hair animation (If no setup exist .. it can be ignored.)

*) Should work with ct77 remodeled armor 5. (I'am not sure witch body he is using)


I guess i need reference for a setup that consist of :

a) hdt.xml, hdtm.xml, hdtPhysicsExtensionsDefaultBBP.xml

B) Proper skeleton, maybe also proper reference skeleton for bodyslide.

c) Proper havoc object.


Please don't think i'am a lazy one, guys, but every setup i tried had some serious hiccups till now. Sometimes the special HDT-XPM-Skelleton seem to be wrong sometimes the hdt.xml seem to be incompatible to hdtPhysicsExtensionsDefaultBBP.xml and so on.


thx for anyone that can help.

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