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Qazz Collection.7z

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File Name: Qazz Collection.7z

File Submitter: varenne

File Submitted: 16 May 2014

File Category: Armor & Clothing


zConversion - Merged
Varenne of LL, May 2014

This is a compilation of all of QAZZ's currently released clothing sets, with just one ESP file instead of three, for those that don't want too many ESPs in their current Oblivion build.

1. HGEC BODY - Most if not all of these are HGEC E-cup, M bottoms. I found that in most cases the tops and bottoms seems worked with other upper/lowers from the SetBody MOD.
2. VipCxj High Heels & VipCxj High Heels Skeleton (I'm using the LAPF skeleton instead which also works.)

For those unable to get VipCxj High Heels working it's simple, just don't use the shoes.

NOTE: There is a fix available on Nexus for those experiencing a negative FPS impact. I strongly suggest you download it and read it. It entails simply editing four scripts in that ESP. I will NOT be supporting this, i.e. you are on your own to figure out what settings work best for your individual Oblivion build. 

What it Includes:
1. Optimized Meshes
2. New or added individual piece meshes that were not in the ESPs have been added.

What it does not Include:
1. You will need the texture files from the original QAZZ MODs located here: http://qazzclow.blogspot.com/
2. You will also need the texture files from this MOD, located on Nexus: ShadderHeelsSeasonOne-41945-1-0.rar

Work I Did:
1. Run every single mesh through PyFFI -  ver. PyFFI-2.1.11.cefd181.win32.exe (This alone took hours to complete)
2. Additional NIF fixes and optimization using NifSkope spells; remove bogus nodes, etc.
3. Split up complete body NIFs into separate pieces; upper, lower, hand, foot.

My motivation to do this work was to have more sets available for my Hiyokos that I could add individual enhancements to. More work could be done.

Bottoms are NOT BB enabled, most do not even have OP3 bones. I'm currently undecided if I will add OP3, or go with the newer B4 modeling, hence I left them as is.

All credits to QAZZ and the Original MOD authors.



Click here to download this file


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