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Argonian Hands When Using Futanarium

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That a strange issue...


You would only need to copy your files from : meshes/actors/character assets


to : meshes/actors/character assets futanarium/cbbe


you should copy:








and your skeleton.


the textures should use what is designated by the meshes.

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Okay, so this is still occurring and after trying to fix it with a re-install of futanarium and attempting to copy my files again (to no avail) I ran some tests by removing the hand files for the CBBE and UNP versions of futanarium.


The results of this I found confusing. After deleting them, the hands still loaded, with the argonian texture, even though the hand mesh was missing.

I've also now realised, it's not loading an argonian hand, but a nord hand with an argonian texture. I can't fathom what it could possibly be doing and where it's loading the hand from.


I thought it might be from the Khajiit and Argonian futanarium files, so i tried removing them too, but it turned out it wasnt loading them from there either.

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