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Combining Meshes With Nifskope

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Hello, i apologize if this is the wrong section for such a thing as this.


Anyway, i'm trying to combine 2 meshes "In this case a Tail and Fox Ears" onto the Head mesh of a custom race, since the Ears and tail are separate meshes altogether its gotten frustrating to see that they are automatically unequipped when engaging certain "Actions" so i thought to remedy the problem by simply combining the two meshes onto the Head using NifSkope, normally it would work just fine and wouldn't cause any issues.. but in this case it simply does not appear on the character in-game but DOES appear within Nifskopes rendering and what not, all appears to be fine.. i've applied ViA Transform tab. it should end up in-game like this >


But the additional assets other than the head itself ends up just not appearing in-game at all, anyone able to assist me with this? or if its even possible with with NifSkope.

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