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Can't Get Cbbe Bbp Breasts To Look Right On New Install


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I ran into trouble with a previous installation.  I uninstalled the animation mods in the reverse order in which I'd installed them in order to install another mod that needed to be installed ahead of some of the others; but, when I tried to reinstall the XP32 skeleton, NMM said that it "could not roll back" the installation, and I was just stuck.  So, to avoid any trace of trouble (and because I was having trouble with another mod, anyway, and doing this might fix that, too), I decided to just delete my Skyrim folder and reinstall from scratch, again. (ARRGH!)


As far as I know, I'm installing the CBBE BBP stuff just as before-- heck, it was still on my NMM list awaiting reactivation.  But, in my previous game, somehow, I managed to create 'toons with smaller breasts that didn't look terrible.  I keep uninstalling and reinstalling the entire Skyrim game over and over (since it's the only way to experiment due to that XP32 skeleton rollback issue), but, I still can't succeed in recreating the decent-looking 'toons I was able to create in my first game.


The problem I'm having is that only the large breasts are by any sensible standard aesthetically pleasing.  Smaller ones just aren't round-- they're "stepped," and with flat areas.  Moreover, they are seemingly forced to jut too far forward.  Using the Bodyslide, they are supposed to look one way; but, it's as if the BBP physics are forcing them to look dreadful.  I'd just assume that it was a weakness in the whole CBBE/BBP system (I much prefer UNPB, but, mod standardization is forcing me to adopt CBBE like a Beta fan was forced to adopt the inferior VHS system); except that I had gotten this to work more or less acceptably, once upon a time.


I'm followed the instructions for each mod exactly; I'm starting to suspect that, the first time, I accidentally stumbled upon a way to install them contrary to the instructions that made them look better.  I started experimenting with various ways I may have varied the installation procedure the first time by sheer, dumb luck; but, I'm still not getting anywhere.


[it's too bad that Bodyslide doesn't just have an areola adjuster, since adjusting breast size with the Race Menu mod can make large, round breasts smaller (and still round); but, the tiny areolas make them look silly.]


Anyway, I'd like to have small-breasted 'toons on one end, and large-breasted 'toons on the other end.  Having large breasts on ALL of the 'toons in my game, when there are two options available, seems idiotic to me.  Obviously, however, there can be no suspension of disbelief, at all, when the smallest breasts are still not that small, and look to be made of squishy Legos.



This has to be a phenomenon others have encountered-- even if I'm somehow screwing up something, it must be a common mistake.  I just reinstalled Skyrim, again.  Before I screw this up, too, I thought I'd ask if anyone knew the trick to making 'toons that look like the women I've actually dated, rather than book covers for fantasy fiction.  Can anyone tell me the secret to getting the breasts on the lower end of the size range to look alright when the BBP physics are in effect?  It may well be something really obvious; but, I'm just not seeing it... like when you've searched for your keys for an hour, and your friend walks in, picks them right up and waves them in your face.

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I believe that I may have put my finger on something I may have done "wrong" the first time that might have made the mod work better for me then: 


For some reason, however, I'm "not supposed to" do this.   Could anyone who understands please explain why, and what work-around there is, other than what I did?



Re-reading everything for the umpteenth time, I just noticed, in the "CHSBHC - BBP" mod, the language:


Bugs Not related to my mod:
-realistic ragdolls mod will cause the breasts to have VERY odd behavior because the breasts use the the built in physics for some movement.


Realistic Ragdoll is, of course, a prerequisite for the XP32 skeleton, which, in turn, is a prerequisite for pretty much every animation mod I've ever used.  I surmise that I likely went ahead and installed XP32 without Realistic Ragdoll that first time, after seeing that warning about the "VERY odd behavior" that I definitely didn't want, without remembering XP32's insistence upon it as a prerequisite.  I can't be sure without that game around, anymore; but, this seems a likely scenario to me.


If Realistic Ragdoll is a "poison pill" inside XP32 as far as BBP is concerned, and XP32 seems to be necessary for an host of animation mods (incl. being "strongly recommended" for Sexlab), what is everyone else doing? 

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