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Creating Alias For The First Time (A Very Noob Question)


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Hello everyone.


I thought to create a mini-radiant quest mod, but, cause I don't know anyhing about programming, I've been studying carefully many tutorials and following every step and sugestion in them, summoning all my patience due my english language lacks. Luckliy, CK main page offers a great variety of step-by-step tutorials for beginers, and I'm almost done with that (at least with the most important part, that is the whole structuture and internal relations). But I'm blogged down with too basic issues that I don't know how to solve, which reminds me that I'm a very noob still.


1) I want to add items but Aliases' window is too tall, so I can't reach Alias' inventory slot. I thought an alternate way just to solve this, that is to create aliases for those items, and use 'Create Reference to Object' option in Alias Tab (as is shown in CK tutorials), so I can place them into AliasActors. Could be this a good way?


2) The main issue is How do I assign the aliases? I mean that Alias' window gives many options to (specific reference, unique actor, location reference...), but I don't know which one is the correct for my purposes. Personal aliases refers to unique actors (that's the easy part), but... how do I do if I want to assign a 'generic' actor? I have two aliases that I don't know how to assign correctly, those are:

       -aliases for enemies ('generic', any hostil actor can swap to that alias, once the event is activated)

       -aliases for follower (also 'generic', and affects the actor who's following in that exactly moment, no matter his/her ID)


I know those are real noob questions, but I'd thank any help.


(Post scriptum: 'Aliases for enemies' doesn't refers to "any hostil actor", but just only 'hostil bandits'. My fault, sorry)

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