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Help With Sexlab/sexlab Defeat Please


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 So I have sexlab core, and sexlab defeat modded to my skyrim and everything seems to be in order. Only problem is I seem to have a few issues that really restrict me from using it to its full potential. For example, when  female character is dead and I activate the necrophilia thing it only does 1 set of animations i.e (missionary, rough missionary ect). So my first question would be how do I get different animations for the necrophilia or is there only 1 set for necro. Also times when I can and can't rape a female character vary, for example I decided to raid a stormcloak camp and when I did not attack anyone I can go up to a sleeping female stormcloak and activate sleep--->rape. But as soon as I kill some of them and try and leave one alive to do so or something like that it does not give me the option. Every time I'm in combat with a female character and I knock her down it only gives me the options to revive or kill? So to wrap it up, how do I get different animation sets and how do I fix the ability to rape any female character.

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First "problem" you have is probably intentional restriction done by Goubo , author of Defeat... not much sense in some corpse doing cowgirl on you is there? I guess you could dig around Defeat source scripts and maybe enable more animations if thats something that really bothers you.

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