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How To Check My Sexlab Framework Version?

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this may be a noob question but im kinda new to PC gaming, mods and stuff.

i just wanted to upgrade sexlab to the current Version, but to do so

i have to know what version im currently using. i didnt install sexlab

via NNM, which is kind of a problem now, so... anyone can help me?


And sorry for bad english. :mellow:


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Well, after installing 1.55 via NMM over the old 1.39 version i installed manually earlier

i cant load saves anymore with 1.55 active. the message "save game is corrupted

and cannot be loaded" pops up. Maybe i have to Manually deinstall 1.39 first.

any ideas?


EDIT: its finally wokring now! But its kinda complicated to explain

how i did this... :shy:

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