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No Annimations

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Hello Guys i´m new around and have a Problem with my addons I downloaded here. 

I tried to run sex addicts 1.3 and sexlab but all i got is an slower buttoncheck (have to hold some seconds before the Character does anything) and no annimations. (Character jump walk and do anything just by standing)


I downloaded SKSE 1_05_11 because that´s the one who should work with my Skyrim version ( Than I unpacked it in my skyrim folder (like the Install FNIS Tutorial said). Shortcut to desktop and running skyrim with it works.


Additional i use FNIS Behavior V5_0_2 and FNIS Spells V 5_0_1 (the newest version i could download) Installed like in the tutorial, (in the Skyrim Data folder) started it and it worked. (1356 Animations included)


To Install and Play the Mods (Sexlab v 1.55 and sexaddicts 1.3) I used the Nexus Mod Manager. Zipfiles into the Skyrim folder and than installed with the Manager. But even if i run the Game with the skse loader (think thats the right way of starting the game with the mods) i end up with the result above. (All other ways of running for example with the ModManager will do the same) 


Additional i have an old nudepatch an stickier arrows patch, an glowing ore veins patch and an never working Childkill patch. But none of them use FNIS animations. So i think they shouldnt be the reason. 


Now my question what can i do?  After multiple tries of installing in different ways and versions i´m out of Ideas now.


(I posted here because i don´t know about that beeing a skyrim or sexlab problem. I think my installation of FNIS or SKSE is the highest possibility for my trouble. So please dont yust delete it, if made the wrong decision in choosing the forum of my post )


Greetings: Thorgaaz


P.S. Playing the original Game after deactivation of FNIS is working.

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Ok, Game don´t work normally after deactivation anymore. So I think i made an mistake removing and reinstalling the patch. (You and the Programm itself told that could happen.) But because i never seen any sexual content i want to know, what I did wrong in the first place.


MfG: Thorgaaz 

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First why do you have a old version of Skyrim? I can only guess it is cause you have a pirate copy of the game, if so you should known this site has a no tolerance for pirate copies of the game.


Also the latest sexlabs only work with SKSE 1.7 so that is why things are not working for you. Which means sexlab won't work with your current version of Skyrim. So if it is a legal copy you need to update it.

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Ok, I updated and reinstalled everything (I didn´t used the newest skyrim bevore, because the game seemed harder and that means more epic before. Even normal Falmers were able to kill me, if I didn´t had an strategy. And I like that)

Now the patch basically is working, and the game animations too. (So I can play again)


I still have some problems, first, the characters are not naked even if I checked the wear naked clothings buttons. Second I always act like a man but my character is a girl, and third the automatically (timed) rotations of sex and camera too doesnt seem to work at the moment. So it is an little strange to watch one clothed girl bumping the other from behind.

But all in all I´m very happy at the moment it was yust the first try, (10 minutes ago) I will read an little in the forum to fix these issues. If that doesn´t help, I will write again. 




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If you don't have nude bodies than you have to choose to use the default sexlab ones there is optional checks to use them. Personally I recommend finding a nude body you like to use. SoS is popular for men, for women there is a wide range from the UNP family and the CBBE family of mods.


As far as what position your character takes it depends on what mods you are using to start sex.

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Ok, have nude bodies now. and because of changing some options (configuratin spells seems to work) timed sex and random sex worked too. Same with sperm graphics and strapon (is now visible)

The onlx things who still won´t run is others joining our sex, foreplay and gaining sex appereance. I still seems to be an virgin who spent no time with sex.

Combat sex didn´t worked until now too, but maybe i just didn´t find the right oppoments. (had only Giants and some Wizard/kultists)


Most of them are probably yust an matter of configuration. If that´s the matter i will figure out sooner or later. 


Many thanks so far, greetings: Thorgaaz

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I'm trying to run sexlab defeat, and everything works just peachy up until the point where they play  the actual sex animations. They'll do the strip and the animation for turning the person over, but when it comes time to do the dew the aggressor just pretends like he/she is picking something up by the victims body. Anyone else had this same issue?

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Yeay combat sex worked. And even Gangbang worked too now, only the actors were way too far away. There are yust two minor problems left.

First, after some animations my character stop to move, (i dont mean the FNIS animation stopping bug everyone else act normally)

And second, i can´t switch to first person camera anymore after choosing some sex options. For example the working girl mod has many of these annimations which cause that problem.


TO LL377044: Didn´t figured out about that now. But maybe you should start an own tread to solve it? So it shoul be easier to find and answer you.

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The can't move after sex is that all mods or just one?


As for the other one again is it after all mods sex scenes or just certain mods.

just some animations have the freezing (or flying) Character trouble. Others don´t. Like I said the working girl has more of these issues. The "want to hook up with me" animations works fine instead. Is there maybe yust an command to reset the Character where he stands?   (I remember Gothic to have something like that.) The Camera problems are even more common, but even that isn´t caused from every annimation.


mfg: Thorgaaz


P.S. Sorry for beeing late, hab much to do lately.

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There is a reset button in sexlab that should reset animations if you get stuck. I don't know that mod so if it adds it's own animations then not sure if that will work or not.


For the camera I just recommend not using TFC and using the custom camera mod instead.

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