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Some Thoughts Regarding Racemenu Overlays.


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I recently came across this interesting collection for racemenu overlays:




Racemenu now provides several layers of "warpaints" that can be applied to any part of the body.


Collection could seriously do some interesting things for a large variety of mods. Dirt for bathing need, bruising/cuts for location/long term damage, frostbites for frostfall, some form of flush for being sick, circles under the eyes for being tired, may be enchantable warpaints. Some obvious applications for adult mods like flush, spanking, you name it. List can go on. However currently all of these are only possible through racemenu which only allows you to add/remove overlays manually.


What I am saying there could be some kind of easily accessible framework that allows to visually represent character state(s) in a dynamic way. For example being dirty and bloody at the same time. So essentially people that develop logic don't have to worry about visually representing it. May be I am misunderstanding how whole thing works but there are some interesting functions in SKSE 1.7 alpha regarding overlays. Seams to me skyrim immersion could be overall vastly improved.

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