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Is There A Unp-Normal Tbbp With Belly Node Support?


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Besides UNP-Blessed Redux and HDT body, is there a UNP normal TBBP with belly node support?  For both bodies, the breasts unnaturally protrude unless you make them very large.  I understand belly support was intended for pregnancy mods and big boobs made sense (and the need to stretch them out forward so they don't drag when enlarged) but I really use the belly for the simulated breathing appearance in normal game play which is amazing.  I would like to use it on a natural looking body like UNP normal or even petite for some elves standalone NPC.  I have tried Bodyslide2 but nothing came out even close (never done 3D modeling), perhaps due to its use of CBBE which is not what I was looking for. 

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Never mind, just read through the whole HDT body support thread and finally figured out how to create the right bodies using the HDT Bodyslide 1.4.  The forums really is a wonderfuly deposit for information but it really takes a lot of time for noob like myself to figure out the way around it.

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