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Human Animation Issues - Solved

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I just upgraded from Sexlab 1.39 to 1.55, and even on a brand new save I cannot start sex with any of my mods. No animations even show up in the Toggle Animation tab for normal, agressive, or foreplay. Creature animations however work perfectly fine.


I have SKSE 1.7 and FNIS 5.0.2 installed, and FNIS is reading Sexlab and Sexlab Creatures with no errors.


Anyone else who had this issue and might know a fix?


Also, if it makes a difference, I'm using Mod Organizer.



Edit- I just tried it using only Sexlab and Matchmaker, and everything works fine. So it must be an issue with one of the mods I have installed. Testing to see which mod.


Edit #2- Turns out that I still had the Zyn Animation pack still installed, and that was interfering with the new way Sexlab handles animations. Everything's working perfectly fine now. Mods can lock and/or close this thread.

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