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Mods And Saves

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If you're trying to clean a save from a mod, simply disabling the mod and making a new save should work.

Do note that if the mod is an esm you will have to disable it via Wrye Bash (go to your saves tab, select the save you wish to edit then find the mod you want to disable. Right click it and hit disable.


You may want to make a backup of that save beforehand.

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I'm guessing you're looking for a more long-term soloution than simply disabling/enabling the mods before loading up the game every time you want to change between saves. Which as far as I know, there really isn't any.

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there is no way to remove a mod from a save  active or not if it is check on in load order it is inscripted inside as Vaelorian said the only way is to make a new clean save with the mod uncheck               but if you want to test a mod the save you start up with would not be effected the new mod will be inscripted in autosave or new save.

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