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Re: Claudia's Little Secret *UPDATE* 26.07.2011

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I don't know how but I forgot to post our mod here :D


I think most of you know about our mod so I will just post basic info here from Nexus.




Claudia's Little Secret, in short CLS is a quest mod for Oblivion. You are going to help Claudia uncover her past and restore a long forgotten Cult.


With more than 1GB uncompressed material you already guessed that nearly every aspect of Bethesda's fabulous TES Oblivion was modded.

In CLS you will:


Meet a lot of new NPCs, all of them customized in details with special faces, hair, costumes and different body types.

Experience tons of new objects, totally new cells with many custom meshes and textures.

Listen to new sound effects and music.

See a new cut scene script engine that will bring cut scenes into Oblivion using the Gamebryo engine, not a movie.

See some AI interactions and the result of thousands scripts lines of code that will force the game into doing things you

were not thinking were possible."





We are currently working on Part 3 as fast as we can becasue of Skyrim release :D

but already I can asure you that I will have tons of new content :)




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CLS (especially with the cross over with Sexy Maid of Chorrol) is by far the best Adult mod out there, and ranks up at the top of quest mods. Comedy, sex, combat, hot maids with detailed AI routines, and two of the best player houses available. And all of it lore friendly and with a real story. It may have started out as a parody mod, but like all really good parodies it's also a good genre piece. A must play if you haven't already tried it.

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This is a great mod, but the animation of CLS don t work with LoverPK. I have the 2 mod (and LoversLandEv2 that I like it) and in the dream the first encounter with Claudia, there is no animation only the sound. In another time I have go more far in CLS and with loverPK Mod all CLS animations don't work, unless I don't have load the mod order correctly...


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Yep there are some conflict that can't be fixed (but mostly load order helps try to keep Vtoy.eps on the bottom of the load order ) also only way to make sure animation will work is to start new game.

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CLS was the first quest mod I had, and I have to say much of what I learn about managing mods and dealing with conflicts came from working with this mod *laughs* The comments section was extremely helpful as I think I came across pretty much every problem.


I played through a second time to see it glitch free as well. Really enjoyed the mod, and I like the crossovers that were maid with Sexy Maid. Can't wait for part 3. Will it be possible to start Ch 3 from a fresh install or will chapters 1 and 2 need to be played again?


I'm surprised at the sheer amount of replies DragonAviator is able to supply.

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Try to keep it just before last lovers Anim/Objects esp




Well it will depends if there will be conflicts or not (some people where able to play Part 2 right after finishing part 1 others had to start new game to make everything work )

And yea Dragon supprises me too :D But I guest he have a lot of time on retirement :D

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Just small update.

I made new character  called "Isabella " I was my main character for some time and now Grumpf is working on  adding into CLS Universe Part 3 :)

Hope you guys will like her :)





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I can asure you that you will see much more of Lisbeth and her young elf lover and..well you will see in part 3 :)


And about my evil twin aka Han... he will return that's for sure.

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Can someone help me?

I'm stuck at the quest where i must find some sort of oil from hunters

I arrive at the Dragonclaw Rock' date=' but i don't see any hunter there

I have tried searching around there but found nothing  :(

Help me with this one please




You have to look for a journal in one of the tents, its easy to overlook.

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Why is it when i have sex using this mod


it gives me this ugly 12 year old body?


Is there anyway to disable this?


Wait, did you adjust your height incorrectly in the initial dream sequence?  I totally did that my first time, I didn't understand what I was supposed to be doing there, and my character turned really small during vtoy animations.


Maybe a quest popup would be good there.

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