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Crossfire And Adaptation Causes Insanely Bright Exterior


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Hi all recently i decided to try out some new enbs and discovered that those that use adaptation makes exterior cells unbearably bright. 


I use 7970 crossfire and after some google seems like crossfire and adaptation dont mix well. 


Screenshots using DrDocter's ENB V2


Interior--totally normal











Is there a way to fix it or can you point me to some enbs that dont use adaptation (preferably with 242+ core)?

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Guest carywinton

Does turning off Crossfire in AMD Catalyst Control Center under "gaming" change the effects experienced in the ENB with regard to exterior lighting? If it does and it all looks normal again, then the ENB is not able to handle the combined card signals. If no change is seen then it is possible one of the cards is malfunctioning or has an IRQ conflict. Try swapping the PCI-E cards in different slots.

If this fails to help, then investigating into another ENB option, which you have requested should be explored. I personally do not use any ENB's, not that my system would have any trouble with them, I am not convinced of their overall improvements quite yet.

I will help you further if I can.

Kind Regards,


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