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How To Make This Creature Follower Mod And Other Works With Sexlab?

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Just had a quick look and used Enchantress to activate animation.


It worked but in an unexpected way, it appears that the way in which the mod author has achieved a higher level of functionality with a dog is that it isn't a dog but a person using a dog mesh/texture. 


On a side note for testing triggers and other creature /sexlab compatability I normaly use sexcrop or Enchantress as both or very simple and sexcrop in particular will work with pretty much anything that has some sort of sexual interaction via sexlab

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i was gonna make another topic but i decided to just bump this one:


Anyone know how i can use creation kit or something, to add support to creature followers?

I gave up on the one i linked earlier and am now trying out the Grunt bear and sabretooth mods, for more of a "big bad" beast master.

they dont work with sexlab either, so i'm just gonna ask n see how to do it myself

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