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My Character Keeps Re-Equipping Weapons, Very Disturbing

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So I upgraded a bunch of mods the other day, Attraction, Approach, Defeat, Submit, Hormones, SoS, PlayerSuccubusQuest, Romance and ofcourse the Framework itself and now when I ready my weapon and start a fight, my character will every few seconds re-equip her weapon which basically means I'm at quite a disadvantage. I can't quite pinpoint which mod causes it, any help ?

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Odd, my first suggestion would be to uninstalled all the mods but sexlab and check to see if it keeps doing it. If it does not do it, then add one mod and check again. Keep doing that adding one mod at a time back into the game and testing it. Then if it suddenly starts happening again you know which mod is the problem, or at least that it is conflicting with one of the mods you already have installed.

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