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Best Settings For Sexlabs


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Many animations may not align correctly if your character's height does not equal 1.00. Check this UESP page for the racial heights. If you use a custom race, try using the race menu to change it to 1.00. I usually just leave it as it is and use the hotkeys shown in the Sexlab MCM page to align animations better.


First person view doesn't work by default. There is a mod that can make it work, but I can't remember what's called. Your best bet is to use 3rd person view and create a hotkey for freecam in Sexlab MCM if you still can't see.

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I have always had this problem, i never change the sizes from 1 AND i enable the setting that changes the sizes to 1.

i would blame it on SOS but even with the built in strapons they miss there target.

And NO i am not changing every animation separately using the messy controls... there has to be something I am doing wrong...

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