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[Request] Sevenbase legs with UNP breasts


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Does anyone know how to mix and match similar body meshes?


I love the lower body of Sevenbase natural, but the breasts look like silicon. I think the original UNP body was much better looking in that regard, and I'd like to get them back, if possible.




Nifskope wasn't working correctly and I couldn't get the texture to load on the UNP body. Anyways, would it be possible for someone to combine the better halves of these meshes? If not, can anyone give me advice on how to do this myself?

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Install Bodyslide 2, start it, move few sliders, click on create body and there you go. You can preview small (weight 0) and preview big (Weight 100). Shape changes as you move sliders. Sliders let you create what you asked for.

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Thanks. I'll see what bodyslide can do and report back.


Earlier I installed racemenu but I think that just changed the size of the breasts (and not the shape) independently of body weight. I still need to know how to mix the meshes together because I'd like the breasts to be exactly the same, though. Plus, it's just something I'd like to know how to do.




Edit. Tried it. Does Bodyslide just generate variants of CBBE? I couldn't find sevenbase listed anywhere and I also noticed that the "UNP" body meshes generated A, did not match the file size of actual UNP meshes, and B, only very loosely resembled a lower poly, less detailed version of UNP (and the textures I use did not line up, either).


If this is the case and I'm not using the tool incorrectly, then for my purposes it's completely useless.



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