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Neo Outlander Armor CBBE

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For those of you that may have seen an image of this armor and wanted to download it, you may have noticed it was removed from skyrimnexus. It was depressing when I had to do a clean install of Skyrim, including re downloading all the mods, when I discovered Neo Outlander was no longer available when I had downloaded it in the past. Upon searching multiple websites with no results I finally came across a link to download it!


Huzzah, at last I had finally found it... But it was in a different language! I had never translated an esp before and was quite content to find out just how easy the process was! Thanks for TESV Translator! I reuploaded the mod to mediafire and it is in english! Working Neo Outlander Link!


This is not my mod so don't give me any credit for creating it.

















EDIT 4/25/2014 2:53 PM


After having this mod activated with Neo Outlander armor in my inventory, I noticed that my game was CTD'ing whenever I attempted to continue my save. Loading my saves seemed to work; however, I still CTD'd after 30 minutes. I am not sure if this mod is the culprit. Please let me know if it does the same thing to you guys.

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