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Please help--Estrus shout

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Anyone knows how to solve this issue?
When I use Estrus Shout on myself, the animation runs and when it ends, it restarts the old animation and when it arrives the new one it restart again.

Something like this:
assume that the letters are animations.

A (finish) A B (finish) A B C (finish) A B C D (finish)... until it play all animation in one go.

Thank you in advance!


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I've used estrus (and sadly removed it again in the process of troubleshooting after another mod caused me constant BSOD). You can set the mod on MCM regarding how many repetitions it does and it's default on 6 repetitions. Also, since the animation is dependent on the level of shout words used (1 to 3 words of power), you have to wait for the animation to finish the moment you released the shout button. Pressing it again and again won't help especially if you have very short cooldown for the shouts.


IMO spamming the shout will pile up animations and scripts like that (seen it happened), more so with repetitions set to anything above zero. You might experience BSOD or CTDs if they pile up too much and will need a "Save tool" (save cleaning tool with that name.) to remove excess scripts stuck on your character save.

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