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Problem at Valtheim Towers

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I'm having an odd problem at Valtheim Towers.  The bandit at the demands a toll, usually I would just kill them all, but I'm role-playing as someone in a hurry so I tried to intimidate her.  It said that it succeeded, but 200 gold was removed from my inventory.  Anyone else had this or similar?  Any advice?  For now I'm sidestepping the issue by using the console to add the gold back in, but that's annoying and immersion breaking.

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Toll means you have to pay to pass. 200 gold was the toll, and in return they will let you through and not attack you. Maybe you misunderstood?

The intimidate option cows the bandit into letting you pass without paying, but 200 gold is still removed.


This is a really old bug, fixed by the unofficial patch ages ago. Are you not using that for some reason?

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