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Good katana (attacking) animations?


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Does anyone know of any good katana attacking animations like the ones Kgorilla has (but wont give anyone...)


NOTE: Don't post the link of the animations in that one topic, as it is not complete and there are animations missing!

I want something similar, or the complete mod.

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the fighting style animations, i got the file for the fighting animations BUT ITS NOT THE WHOLE THING!!!!

Its missing regular attacks, all it has are power attacks. I think it must be the first version of the mod. So i either need someone from naver to give me it or wait until someone is gracious enough to upload the full thing. Again to reiterate, the animation mod posted is not the  full 3 katana freestyle mod...

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I've been searching for it to no avail. Apparently "good animations" are individual tastes andnot many animators out there share the same opinion with us (me).

I once found a good "Thrust" animation which can be used quite nicely on swords and spears, but unfortunately the author made it jokingly and doesn't show any promise that he'd compete it.




I wonder if any pro would ask him to continue this rough gem.

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