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Hey guys, need some help here. Ok so when I have several let's say " animation " mods installed, not stuff like walking but other stuff .. . stuff that belongs in the adult section but I don't think this belongs there, as Pinup Poser seems to be one of them. Right well basically when I have these mods installed, without pinup poser, randomly, I won't be able to load my save, it'll just ctd on load, I can get around this by typing coc qasmoke in the console then loading my save, and sometimes my save will load just fine. however when I have Pinup Poser installed, it will ctd on load everytime without a doubt, and I have to use the workaround. You must be thinking that it's not that annoying just having to coc somewhere then load a save, usually if I just load a save then play for 3 hours, and not again till the next day, then it's fine, but I usually make mod changes halfway through, or do other things in the day, or am testing several different mods, so doing this workaround everytime get's really really annoying, and this is the only problem I have atm, I have used many fixes so that I don't ever CTDs except for this, that's why it's so annoying, anyone know any other ways to fix this permanently, that would be greatly appreciated!!!


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