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Ghost Mod WIP thread


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I desperately need someone to code a ghost haunting script, it should work like this:


-whenever you kill an npc it is resurrected 1 day later and is turned hostile with the spectral effect shader


  I have a few ideas on how to accomplish this

   -Im thinking that you can make a script to put a token in an npc's inventory on death, then that token runs a resurrect/spectral effect spell on the npc

   then, The resurrect spell has a timer delay time of 1 ingame day, after that day is up it runs the resurrection/spectral effect spell along with

 addtofaction playerenemy or something

   to make it hostile towards you and then it hunts you down using an assassinlike script.


-a wearable ring to turn the mod on and off(script only runs when the ring is on)


These are the ideas i have so far and i need help making this a reality.

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Guest Ragna_Rok

go talk to ddproductions... hes made spectral npcs for his dragonbreak episode 2 - mod


besides i cant help, am  a gear modder... maybe darryl can help ;)

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thanks for your input :) i will see who else is interested, but i think this will be an amazing addon to skyrim. It would add so much depth to gameplay,

I was also thinking that you can toggle between all npc's, leveled npc's like bandits,mages, and necros, and to toggle off main character npcs(so that it doesnt conflict with any vanilla stories)

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