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Little tiny bit problem with requiem


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So...Playing with requiem all good and that, started a new game...got to the first dragon...and he's lvl 80...And I'm level 6, so, yeah, don't get me wrong, I do like the challenge (tried to kill it, but all guards were annihilated immediately and it one shots me) but this is a bit too far don't you think? XD

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In regular Skyrim you kill dragons. In Requiem dragons kill you, and then you kill dragons(if you manage to get a decent level, armors, etc). That's regular Skyrim being totally screwed(you kill dragon at level 2, and you kill the same dragon with the same effort at level 80, what's the point in leveling and getting better equipment?).

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Well I don't know what happened, but all of a sudden the dragon started spawing as it should, Mulmornir or something, whereas before it was a "wounded" dragon (lvl 80, sure want to meet the guy who wounded him XD), anyways, now its level is 40, so I was able to kill it after 2 hours of tries XD (killed me like 20 times), so let's continue the adventure :P

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Playing Requiem + DCO at Legendary. I just killed that wounded dragon yesterday night with my lv 24. I waited that long before doing the main quest because draugr were impossible to be beaten and I was assuming dragons were terrible too. Well you know what? I was expecting a better challenge for that, it took like 10 minutes and there were still guards alive. If them requiem dragons are all in this way, I expect I can put them down alone with some hundreds of arrows. Yes levelling was very slow compared to vanilla, but my character suddenly became too strong after level 20, it's like if I'm lv 50, I one-shot many creatures...

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