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Problem Related to HDT PE


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Hi I'm having a problem related to HDT. I try to load my most recent save, but the game always ctds if I do. Once I do load skyrim again a new save was created which comes from HDT making a save if I crash due to it. I'm able to load the save created by HDT, but that save causes all my settings for mods in the mcm menu to reset. This problem always occurs to me if I crash in any interior in Skyrim. Is this problem able to be fixed, or do I have to wait for a newer version of the HDT PE to come out?

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What version of the hdt Physics Extension are You using?

Sometimes using a different version of the Physics Extension can make a Saved Game recoverable. I have not had this happen with 14-28, but I had a few Saves using 12-29 that became unplayable.


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