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Idea/Request : Power Gauntlet

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Hello ! There is something I've always wanted to have in Skyrim, it's Vi's gauntlet from League of Legends ... I've tried doing it in the CK(only scaling the daedric gauntlets meshes so i looks like an overgrown arm, and like everything I've tried to do on the CK it failed miserably.


Like, i had both of my gauntlets when I just wanted one and only the clutter form of the gauntlets were bigger ! Wanted to had a fus roh dah effect to unarmee attack when wearing them, didn't work (need a script I guess)


Question is, if no one wants to do it because fuck it that's random bs, how would I proceed to script the gauntlets ? Also I want a bigger armored left hand but nothing on the other, is this possible ?

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