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FNV Closes down at startup?


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I've recently started playing Fallout: New Vegas simply because it seems like an awesome game. However, recently I've been having a problem with it. Every time I start up the game, it closes itself down. It DOESN'T crash it just closes itself down and you can still click it on the tab bar but when you do, it opens, shows a black screen and closes itself down again. This, is a pain in the ass especially since I've done everything I can to try and fix it other then re-installing it which I hope will be a absolute last resort :| Anyway, I've done the following:


Made sure the load order is as it should be of my mods (That I don't even have enabled but worth a shot)

Ran FNVEdit to check what might be wrong with my mods and fixed everything it told me to

Googled the shit out of it with no results

Made sure all my mods have the master files it needs

And finally, ran FNV as Administrator with no success.


If anyone has had a similiar problem or exact same and has managed to fix it, I'd really appreciate it if you could help me out because I really want to play this game.


(Oh and I use FOMM)


(So while I was making this post I decided to run it one last time and now it suddenly just fucking works. However, I know this won't last so I'd still appreciate any answers. Thank you.)

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So, I was gonna true and use that Fallout Fullscreen mod when it happened again but, I couldn't get into the game to turn it into windowed mode and when I tried to change it in the ini it didn't actually go into windowed mode but it did fix itself -_- Then it happened again, and I tried doing it again but it didn't work. So this time I ran vcredist.exe and dxsetup.exe and that fixed it. However, now it's happened AGAIN and none of those solutions are working for me anymore. Help?


Edit: When I ran Fallout_Fullscreen thing it automatically started, went into windows then into fullscreen. Although I hate the fact that skype messages and shit can still show up at the bottom but it's a temporary solution at least.

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